The New ISO 9001:2015 Standard


A Bigger Box to Fill
We have all heard of thinking outside the box. But just how big is that box?
As it turns out, it’s really big.


The latest iteration of the ISO9001 standard presents some interesting points and unique challenges to compliance. I say unique from the point of view that every organization will have its own opportunities to make the standard work for them. The standard tends to force a very introspective view of the organization. Asking the company to understand its context and to recognize its “interested parties”, both in and outside of the organization, forms a much larger and more global picture of the organization and where it fits in.

The introduction of the requirement of risk acknowledgement and analysis is also in keeping with the bigger global picture that companies find themselves taking part in these days. Gone are the days of strictly local or domestic issues. Today’s businesses must keep an eye on the horizon and stay keen to where changes are happening globally. And it’s not enough to know, your organization needs to be able to react to those changes and ISO 9001:2015 helps to create and enhance the organizations ability to make key business decisions.

By meeting the requirements of the standard the company will find itself in open discussion about risk, change, and planning in a way it may not have tried before. The standard has also dropped many of its previous documentation requirements. This gives the company far more freedom to choose how to get there. When you read between the lines of requirements, it’s about less rigidity and more creativity. ISO 9001:2015 is a tool to help navigate today’s business world and gives your company choices in compliance, while remaining true to its intent.

So, the box is enormous and it doesn’t necessarily have four corners, or any corners for that matter. It’s a frame work that is there, but is malleable. The new standard still provides the tools and guidance to help shape that framework, but also allows organizations to innovate their way around that framework to make it work for them.