Different Types of Welded Electrical Contacts


Electrical contacts are a vital part of our lives. They’re found in nearly everything that has a switch. They control the flow of electricity throughout the equipment. Electrical contacts need to be highly resilient to prevent the transfer of material from one contact to the other. If the contacts transfer material, eventually, they will join and no longer function as a switch. Contacts can be made with a variety of materials and in a number of styles to suit your specific needs, such as brass or silver electrical contacts. Welded electrical contacts are a great option for meeting the needs of your device. Here are a few of the different options.

  • In-Press Welding – These contacts are created in the press and welded in-place immediately. This system is highly reliable and accurate. It can typically assemble over 800 products per minute.
  • Wire Welding – This is a great low-cost option for a variety of contact needs. This could include sliding electrical contact devices or logic level loads. The wire is welded and then coined or pressed into the final shape. These designs work well for low tension applications.
  • Seam Weld – This is a great choice for electrical contacts when the contact needs to be bonded to an especially thin material or a material that cannot handle the high heat off traditional welding techniques. This technique restricts the heat to the area right around the contact and minimizes the chance of heat damage elsewhere.

These are only a few of the electrical contact options available for your needs. It’s important to discuss your needs with an electrical contact manufacturer. They will determine the best electrical contact for your specific device. They may recommend silver contact tips or another option to ensure that your device works properly and reliably for many years. They will also advise you on what manufacturing procedure will work best for the amount and type of devices that you need.

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