Metal Markets for Monday , June 27, 2016

Published on : Monday , June 27, 2016

The reported prices here are for reference only. Checon Corporation does not guarantee the accuracy of all metals market price information provided on this site. Metal Market prices are published for day after shipment by 2PM EST.

Metal Type Metal Price - June 27, 2016
Silver (Engelhard fabricated): $21.408/toz
Silver (Handy & Harman fabricated): $22.188/toz
Bullion (Handy & Harman base): $17.750/toz
Copper (Olin): $2.86/lb
Gold (Engelhard fabricated): $1429.65/toz.
Gold (Handy & Harman fabricated): $1470.251/toz
Cadmium (Producer): $3.74/toz
Nickel (Producer): $14.04/lb
Zinc (Producer): $1.89/toz
Palladium (Engelhard): $658.00/toz
Platinum (Engelhard): $1089.00/toz
Rhodium (Engelhard): $732.00/toz
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