Silver Cast Alloys Electrical Characteristics & Applications

Silver has long been a popular metal, and certain alloys are incredibly popular for a number of applications. Silver has excellent electrical conductivity, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular for industrial applications. Because silver is such as soft metal, it’s often coupled with a hardener. You may be familiar with the silver-copper alloy commonly known as sterling silver. For electrical contacts, silver-palladium is quite common. The conductivity is excellent, but it’s also utilized due to its superb casting and the ease of fabrication. The natural ductility of silver is also incredibly helpful in these regards. The addition of palladium to silver makes it resistant to tarnish, while also increasing its hardness and making it more heat resistant. Silver-palladium alloy has a higher melting point than silver alone. Silver-palladium is considered a refractory alloy. That makes it well suited to many different electrical and industrial applications.

Fine Silver

Fine Grain Silver Photomicrographs

Short Transverse Long Transverse

Fine Grain

Silver Alloy Silver Alloy

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