Powder Metal Contacts

Checon PMC, Checon’s newest manufacturing division located in the heart of the powder metal industry in northwest Pennsylvania, is dedicated to the production of refractory based powder metal contacts and assemblies for the circuit breaker and circuit switching device markets.   With proven experience in the engineering, manufacture, and sales of these products, combined with the integration of innovative automation, quality, and customer stocking programs, Checon PMC is an important addition to Checon’s supply capabilities for new and existing customers.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with the experienced team at Checon:

Superior customer service  – when you call us with a product inquiry, update or change on an order, or a special delivery request.

Custom solutions – to make sure you have the best product fit.

Family owned and operated – for close to 60 years, Checon has been in the business of providing the best value and highest quality products to our customers.

At Checon, we live by a few mottos: do the right thing, respect one another, be positive, and please our customer. We apply these words to live by in our personal and professional lives. When your company needs electrical contacts, we simply are the best team to turn to.


Checon PMC sintered contact tips are available in a range of refractory metals. Many of variations of these basic materials are customized to meet the rigorous demands of residential, molded case, air, and vacuum circuit breakers. They are also used to make and break circuits in a variety of industrial switches. Materials include:

Silver Tungsten (AgW), Silver Tungsten Carbide (AgWC), Silver Tungsten Graphite (AgWC), Silver Molybdenum (AgMo), and Copper Tungsten (CuW)

Our resistance, induction, and furnace brazing capabilities enable us to produce a wide spectrum of contact assemblies with a variety of substrates, stampings, castings, and machine parts. More complex assemblies include multiple brazed contact, wire shunts, and plating options.

Checon PMC also produces Carbon Graphite specialty brushes for both the industrial power and transportation motor markets.


Checon PMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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