Electrical Contacts

You may not have thought a lot about it, as most people don’t unless they have a professional interest, but the truth is that electrical contacts and electrical contact assemblies are found in many commercial and household items that rely on switches, relays, circuit breakers, motor controls and other current carrying devices.

Checon is an electrical contacts manufacturer that uses a time tested approach that enables our team to match the most cost effective and highest quality assembly option to any given electrical/mechanical situation, from logic level loads to high tension loads.

Whether this is your first experience with silver electrical contacts, electrical contact rivets, and any other solution in our product suite, the team at Checon is standing by to help. With over 50 years of specific and relevant experience in similar applications, our sales and engineering team can assist you in selecting the optimum electrical contacts assembly for your application or device, including:


Toplay is the continuous process of brazing an electrical contact material onto a coil of substrate material. Once brazed together, the contact material is form rolled and then stamped into the finished assembly. If there’s a likelihood that your contacts are components in an appliance that will undergo significant stress, brazed contacts may be the best fit for this application.


There are many benefits of welded electrical contact tapes, such as increased conductivity and correct most efficient flow of electricity. Superior quality wire, tape, and manual welded electrical contacts are produced in one operation, from in-press welding to a Class A progressive stamping die for final contact assembly.

Seam Welded / OMNI Welded

Like toplay, seam welded electrical contacts are made from continuous runs of composite strip, but use welding as the assembly method instead of brazing.

Discretre Tip Brazed

Tip Brazed electrical contacts are achieved through one of three manufacturing systems depending upon size, geometry, or part volume, including: Furnace Brazing, Induction Brazing, and Flame Brazing.

Mid to High Volume

High Volume

Mid to High Volume

Low to High Volume

Mid to Large Contacts

Small Contacts

Small to Large Contacts

Mid to Large Contacts

Toplay Electrical Contacts

Checon's continuous toplay process allows a very thin braze layer to be maintained, creating electrical contact assemblies with inherently better conductivity and heat dissipation capacity over other attachment methods. The bond quality is monitored in real time by Checon's patented On-Line Scanning Ultra-Sonic C-Scan processes, allowing our technicians to validate product integrity with numeric and graphical data.

Welded Electrical Contacts

In-Press Welding

High speed, one operation, in-press welding is a hallmark capability at Checon allowing us to develop the most consistent, high quality welded electrical contact assemblies in the industry. By connecting our weld head design to a large bed, high speed vertical press via an innovative actuator, we can dramatically increase production speeds to up to 800 assemblies per minute.

Wire Welding

For lower cost electrical contact materials (e.g.: Ag, AgCu, AgNi) can be welded as wire and coined to final shape.

Tape Welding

For applications requiring weld resistant electrical contact materials (AgSnO2, AgCdO) or multi-layer contact tapes.

Manual Welding for low-quantity or R&D

For limited production and new product development/prototype efforts, including the welding together of two assemblies to facilitate complex multi-material system configurations.

Seam Weld / OMNIweld

Seam welding is particularly appropriate when attaching electrical contact material to thin or heat-treatable materials that can be adversely affected by the heat of conventional brazing techniques. Moreover, the heat-affect zone is restricted to the area around the contact only, obviating the need for subsequent form rolling operations to impart temper.

OMNIwelding is ideal for larger contacts. Recognizing the improved heat conduction of the welded construction, Checon has developed an oversized seam welder system called OMNIWeld that is capable of seam welding contacts as large as 40 mm2 (1/4 in2) square for use in small contactors and heavy duty switches.

Brazed Electrical Contacts

Tip Brazing

Tip Brazing is most often selected for the assembly of large contacts onto complex cast, forged, or extruded substrates, or for the assembly of small quantities of parts.

Furnace Brazing

For high volume, large assembly production, utilizing protective atmosphere and eliminating braze flux.

Induction Brazing

For brazing tips onto threaded components, allowing temper to be retained in the threads while facilitating a self centering attachment of the tip.

Flame Brazing

For large assemblies or low quantity production.

*Many of the brazes used by Checon are supplied by Prince and Izant.