Accuracy and attention to detail are not achieved accidentally. When it comes to testing and laboratory services, you and your business don’t want to rely on luck or educated guesses. That’s understandable, since the success of your business and the trust of your clients rely on both professionalism and precision. Skilled, trained, and experienced technicians and lab specialists are absolutely essential, but without the right equipment, there’s always a limit to what can be achieved. The latest technology is also required to make the most of their abilities and to provide the most dependable services. At Checon, we pride ourselves on having both the best people and tools.

Order Management and Stocking Programs

Checon's sophisticated production software is designed for flexibility and integration into our customer's planning systems. We can establish kanban systems that allow your orders to pull our production process, and even set up vendor managed stocking systems so that our finished goods are located right in your plant.

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Engineering/Technical Advice

With over 55 years of experience and a technically competent sales force, backed by a team of engineers, we offer material and design assistance to help your organization design and build a cost effective device, or redesign an existing device to reduce materials and fabrication cost. Think of us as part of your engineering team.

Electrical Testing Services Testing and Laboratory Services Engineering/Technical Advice

Testing and Laboratory Services

Our lab has a full complement of metallurgical analysis equipment to assist in analyzing device performance or cause of premature failure. We will work with your engineers to better understand how your product functions in service and how you might utilize different contact materials, or tweak the design to improve performance. We can then provide electrical testing services to benchmark against current designs for loads up to 500A.