About Us

Checon is a manufacturer of electrical contacts and contact materials that services many companies in the power switch, control, and circuit breaker industries. Checon has over 50 years of experience and maintains high supplier standards, with on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and a wealth of innovative products and solutions. Checon provides stellar customer service, engineering support, custom account support, and warehousing solutions. Customers benefit from our practical engineering ideas, unsurpassed innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. Because we are regularly the sole supplier of specific materials to our customers, supply reliability is critical. We take this responsibility seriously and wear our success with pride.

Checon has been a family owned, privately run business since its founding in 1960. Our success as a leading electric contact manufacturer is built on the same core values that it holds true today.

These principles are the foundation of our mission to deliver the best value in electrical contact technologies through ongoing investment in our employees, advancements in material engineering, innovation and practicality in our manufacturing, establishment of critical partnerships, and in the sustainability of the world around us.

At Checon, we hold one another accountable for the decisions we make on behalf of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities, the activities and projects we in engage in with our teams, the kinds of products we produce, and in how we uphold our vision for the future.

core values

Core Values

We take pride in our company and the community that makes it Checon. We trust in each other's commitment to do the right thing whether it is in our hiring practices, daily operations, or working on behalf of our customers and suppliers. We abide by a code of conduct that is guided by integrity, trust, and empathy.

Core Values

Checon is a community made up of diverse talents, cultures, and perspectives. We embrace the safety and well-being of everyone through best practice and personal actions. We recognize the importance of personal recognition in our greetings, meetings, and during our company outings and gatherings. A simple hello or handshake goes a long way and remembering someone's name and acknowledging who they are strengthens our community.

Core Values

Leadership can be found in everyone and everywhere at Checon when we take on a positive attitude. We are at our best when working together as a team that drives innovation and solutions with a positive perspective aimed at practical outcomes. When we approach change with grace, we model the kind of optimism and practicality that nurtures community support and progressive growth.

Core Values

We strive to meet and exceed the needs of the next person, team, or external customer in line, understanding that customer satisfaction is a gratifying experience with purpose. Whether it is assuring the quality of material or the communication of information, we work to deliver realistic performance expectations for all our customers. Our goal is to provide our products to our customers with the highest reliability, greatest consistency, and lowest cost.